How to Create a Location

//How to Create a Location
How to Create a Location 2018-04-11T06:19:03+00:00

How to create Program

You should login as Admin to Create a Location

Create Location

  • While logged in as Admin, click on the 45 tab
  • To create a new Location, click on h button

View/Edit/Delete Location

  • To View, Edit or Delete existing Location, Select All for View option and then click on the Go! button v
    All existing Locations will display.
  • Click on Edit link to edit a particular record.
  • Click on Delete link to delete a particular record.
  • Click on the Location Name go to that Location’s detail page. There you may edit or delete by clicking the appropriate buttons.

You must create a Location for a Program BEFORE you create the Program. Each Program has to have a Location.

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