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Cloud Development

Custom Application Development—Move Custom Business Processes to the Cloud Need Custom App development on the Cloud? Cloud computing is still emerging. Enterprises can deploy the applications developed by third party on the cloud and integrate with other applications. This model is still expensive and difficult to integrate and enhance the functionality. With the introduction of [...]


Cloud Mangment

Cloud Management Worried about what happens after you go LIVE? As enterprises move their IT applications and infrastructure to the cloud, there is a growing need for ways to manage and enhance these cloud applications over time. Cloud applications and platforms require more agile on-going management and support processes than traditional applications.Because there is [...]


Cloud Migration

Migrate to Cloud — Quickly customize, integrate and roll-out Cloud Apps Why Cloud Migration? Over the years the technology has been changing, but all applications do the same 4 operations: Create, Read, Update and Delete information (CRUD). Enterprises are becoming smarter by building and maintaining high quality applications with low cost, by Cloud Adoption [...]



Consultation Find out how much money you can save if you migrate your current applications to Open Source/Cloud based applications You have established your organization long back but you need to keep on updating the hardware and software and spending lot of money to implement new enhancements on your applications? Then this is the [...]


Touch And Mobile Development

Kashyak Mobile Services Kashyak Touch and Mobile development team ensures to provide quality and beyond usability enterprise apps in Native Hybrid and HTML5.Technology is growing at rocket speed. Enterprises build applications which are accessed by any browser, but now every one want apps with more usability, more control and also accessible any time any where [...]